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Something a little different



Are you someone in business who gives their praise in heaps

But on a personal level, it just gives you the creeps?

And you think that giving testimonials is a load of old tosh

But hey I’ll go on LinkedIn, tick a box, bish, bash, bosh.


Do you go on Twitter and do the Follow Friday thing

You probably think it’s worth a go, to see what it can bring

Or maybe you use Facebook and post a little prose

It may get you some likes, who knows!


So however you do it, just remember this

It can bring joy to others and may even bring you bliss.

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Bank Holidays? – Blessing or Nuisance


Ah, that time of year when- if you are an employee- you get lots of days off all paid for by your lovely employer.  We have just had Good Friday, Easter Monday, May Day and soon we will be having Whitsun at the end of May.  Hope all you employees made the most of your time off.

However, just recently having been an employee, and now being self-employed, I am seeing this from a different side. Before, I could leave the office on Friday and know I didn’t have to do anything until Tuesday morning, safe in the knowledge that the employer was keeping an eye on their business.  Now, however, I have spent the weekend checking my e-mails, social media, and doing a bit of planning.

Did I mind?  Well, actually, no: I didn’t.  I have found working for myself inspiring; it has forced me to move out of my comfort zone.  (Mmm I feel another blog coming on about “Well-worn phrases” – watch this space).  

The other side of working for yourself means that you are not tied to the office from Monday to Friday 9 till 5 (or in some cases 8.30 to 5.30) and if I want to go out in the middle of the week during office hours, I can.  

So how do you view Bank Holidays?  I think there are advantages on both sides: if you are an employee you get paid (big bonus), but if you are self-employed, it means you can choose whether to work or not. I also find Bank Holidays useful for having longer holidays; it means I can take a week away but am actually only losing four working days.  

What did I do this Bank Holiday? I worked for a couple of hours, then had the rest of the day off, and today I will be taking the afternoon off. And why?  Because I can.  

Bank Holidays

To work or not to work