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All of a sudden hashtags are everywhere, no longer confined to Twitter they can be found on Facebook, television, magazines and now they are creeping into our language.

However when is it appropriate to use them and when is it just plain silly?

In my opinion there is a time and a place, they are great if you want to interact with a programme on TV, for example #BGT (that’s Britain’s Got Talent for the uninitiated) here you can interact with people who are watching the programme and exchange comments and thoughts about the show.   They are useful for business to help locate a certain product or service.  Even better if you are looking for something in a particular area and the town can be hash tagged.

BUT, and here comes my gripe, do not use them on every word. Firstly it makes your tweet hard to read, secondly I really doubt many people would read it, and thirdly, WHY?

Ok I know there is not a hashtag dictionary (Mmmmm now there’s an idea) but I would ask you to think carefully before using this little innocuous symbol.  We do not need to see it in a text or an email.  It is not necessary to use it in speech (as in the title of this blog), or to use it on words of absolutely no relevance, for example, “and, thanks, hello”, you get my drift?

Running a sentence together with a hashtag at the beginning is a no no too, again too difficult to read and, let’s face it, it’s never hoping to trend!

Let’s keep it for the purpose it was intended, Twitter.   So let’s just find two key words in our tweet to hashtag and I can assure you that it will have more impact and gain you more interaction and engagement.

#right #must #get #on #Ihaveabusinesstorun




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