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It’s not just a numbers game


Do you get excited every time you get a new follower or like? Are you monitoring the increase in likes on your FB page? It gets a bit addictive doesn’t it?

But, there’s always one of those isn’t there? Are you checking your notifications as this is what really counts? How much interaction are you getting? Are you talking to people and are they responding?

Without interaction and engagement what have you got? I’ll tell you, you have an advertising board and nothing more

Sounds a bit harsh I know but the clue is in the name. “Social” media.


Twitter followers

Let me put it like this, you wouldn’t walk into a networking meeting and stand in the middle of the room and say nothing. (If you are doing this then you are doing it wrong!). You would introduce yourself to people, smile, be friendly and listen to other people and then talk back to them. And this is how it should be on social media.

Go on jump in. Say hello to people, talk about the weather, us Brits love that, maybe you’ve got the kettle on, metaphorically ask if anybody wants a cuppa, Brits like that too. It might all sound a bit mundane, and obviously you can’t do that every day, other topics of conversation are allowed, but people want to find out about you, what makes you tick, why they should buy from you.

Be generous with your praise by re-tweeting others content, commenting and sharing. Give some of your valuable information away too, people like that. Be a giver rather than a taker.

Most importantly never sell on social media! One or two posts every few days with a link to your website is fine but certainly no more.

Sit back and watch the numbers grow organically safe in the knowledge that people are following you because they want to and enjoy your content.

I personally would far rather have 500 followers who were interested in me and what I had to offer rather than thousands who i never engaged with.

Which figures will you watching from now on?


5 thoughts on “It’s not just a numbers game

  1. Just want to say I agree with everything you said there. You summed it up superbly about having followers who interact not thousands who do not even read your articles. People fall into the trap of the numbers game all the time.

  2. I would be addicted to checking my followers… If I had any…
    Just kidding. This was a great, well written blog. It does a good job of summing up the idea of followers.

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