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Let’s play nicely!

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Networking, a place to meet like minded people, build relationships and trust, make lasting friendships and ultimately get some business.

But wait, is this always the case?  Well frankly no.

Now don’t get me wrong there are some wonderful people who go networking and I have made some great friendships with people but there is always the oddball, come on admit it you’ve met one if you are honest.

Some people just don’t get networking, they go once and say it’s not for them, they didn’t get any business from it or they felt uncomfortable.  But with everything in life you have to give it time, talk to people about anything and everything, except your business. That can come later.  Smiling

Choose your network group carefully and once you have found the right one it really can work wonders.

So onto the point of this blog, over the course of a few months I have met someone networking, every time I see them, despite trying to engage them in conversation, they give me the cold shoulder.  After the third time of this happening I thought I would just ask outright if I had upset them in some way.  It’s always possible, we can’t be on top form all the time. However the answer I got astounded me.  

So here goes, and I quote, “oh I don’t speak to people I have previously networked with, I prefer to speak to new people”.

Now I am sure this is not the ethos of networking. It takes time to build relationships, which means meeting people several times.  After all you wouldn’t marry someone after meeting them only once.

So folks let’s be nice, support each other, meet outside of networking and really get to know each other. Of course there will be people that we may not want to do this with, that’s okay, but never discount anyone as a potential customer.  

And finally, the person you have rebuffed will meet other people, and they may relate that conversation to others, which ultimately could damage your business.

So let’s smile, shake hands and be nice.  

One thought on “Let’s play nicely!

  1. That did make me chuckle. I guess we have to respect other peoples view points but seriously, this person may need some help with their networking strategy.

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