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Hashtags Do’s and Dont’s

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Hashtags, we’ve all heard of them (if you don’t where have you been?) but are you using them correctly,  Chances are, probably not.

Spending most of my life online with the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. etc. I see a lot of misuse of these little critters.   Things likes #hello and #hi.  There really is no point in using these at all.  And Why?


Well here is why.   Think about what your audience is searching for.  Say for example you have scarves to sell, using the hashtag scarves is not going to get people to look you up.  However using hashtags such as #fashion, #fashionista, #fashionblogger is going to be much better as they are well established hashtags that are used all the time. 

But how do you know which ones to use?  Easy, just go to your twitter account, type it in the “What’s happening” box and see if it comes up, if it doesn’t don’t use it. 

Now of course you could think about trying to get your own hashtag to trend.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?  Well actually unless you are a big brand, running an event, or can get lots of people to use it, then it really can be hard to get it going.   

The best way to use hashtags in my opinion is to go with the trends.  Trend Jacking is what I call it.  Try and be a bit clever and fit it to your business.   However beware of over use.  Don’t use it if it doesn’t work.  Example – using #southeastern which is currently trending as I write this blog, when your company is based in the North!.

Placement of hashtags can be crucial also, especially in Twitter.  Having them at the end of the tweet after the link seems to work far better than being part of the tweet.  Makes your tweets easier to read and yet still be able to be found when people are searching that particular topic.

So how do you use them?  Are you committing any sins with them?  Do you have any tips on how you use them?  Tweet me your answers to @SandraAshford 


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