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Workshops, hands-on or off?

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So you’ve signed up for the workshop, got your notepad, pen and paid your money.  But have you asked if it is a hands-on workshop where you bring your laptop or tablet? 

Why am I asking this question?

The simple answer is – ease of learning.

It is a well-known fact that human beings have a short attention span, they say two hours of listening and learning is generally the right amount at once so that everything can be taken on board.  Yes, there will be others who can manage a whole day listening to someone teaching, but in my experience with social media, two hours seems to be the optimum time.

convention-1410870_1280Also actually doing the stuff you are being taught at the time really can help, you are actually putting it into practice there and then and if any problems crop up you can ask the teacher, rather than getting home and forgetting something vital that was said.

Listening and writing notes at the same time can actually make you miss something, and don’t even get me started on “Death by Powerpoint”, think we have all been there at one time or another!

It is true that we all learn in different ways, some prefer visual learning, others need a teacher telling them how to do it, and some people, though not me I have to say, can learn it all on their own.

So, have you been to a workshop recently, did you have to make notes that made no sense when you got home, was there a handout, or did you actually do actual tasks on the day?  Let me know what your preference is and what you find easier when it comes to learning new things. 

Finally, if you would like some hands-on training then please contact me

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