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Are you Yo-Yo-ing in and out of social media?

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Social media, it’s a bit like a diet, you decide you really must lose weight and join a club and embark on a healthy eating plan and really get stuck into it in the first week or two.  All is going well, you have lost a few pounds and your clothes start fitting better and you start to feel good about yourself again.   But then ……….. an invitation drops through the door for a party/wedding/meal out and you think “Oh I should be okay to have a few drinks and a meal, what harm can it do” – and before you know it you are back to square one.

Well, it’s the same in social media, you start out with a great plan, mark out your strategy for the coming month, have lots of ideas and start with enthusiasm and excitement.  But then something comes along, a meeting, a deadline, a demanding client and somehow you tail off a bit thinking a few days missed wont matter, but before you know it a week has passed, then another and then a month. 

By this time we have properly fallen off the wagon. 

The name of the game in social media is consistency.  Without it you are lost. 

Who remembers when emails first came on the scene?  All seemed a bit scary but now we look at them every day all day, so why not adopt the same strategy with your social media? 

Take a look first thing in the morning, perhaps before 9am, then another look at lunchtime and then again at the end of the day.   Use a scheduling tool and post some bread and butter tweets, couple of links to your website, some industry news, at a time when it is convenient for you.  Then you only need to pop in three times a day, top your tweets up with current things and a bit of a chat or a re-tweet with your followers. 

Hey presto you are being consistent and actually starting to enjoy it (you will I promise) or if not why not get someone else to do it for you. 

So if the above scenario is you give me a call, tweet me, message me on LinkedIn or leave a message on my Facebook page. 


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