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Awards – Are They Worth it?

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Imagine how it would feel to say that you had won an award!  There you are at your latest network meeting and you stand up to do your 60 second/40 second spiel and you can announce yourself as award winning!   Sounds good, doesn’t it?shutterstock_598641242

But what do you have to do to get the awards and do they have any value?

I guess the value depends on the type of award won.  If it is a national award then you have probably hit the big time!  Locally then maybe not so much, unless you are a very local business.

Do they mean more if someone else nominates you or is it okay to nominate yourself?  Personally, I think it has more kudos if someone else nominates you.

Some awards do require a lot of input from yourself.  There could be forms to be fill in, attend interviews, and attend ceremonies (although that bit is quite fun).  This can all be quite time-consuming and to be honest it can be quite difficult talking about your own business.

There are specialist firms out there who will do it for you, and with a great deal of success, I believe.   Sometimes you need to pitch it right to attract the attention of the judges, answer the questions correctly that you may have been asked, getting this right really can make the difference between becoming a finalist or not.

So you were a finalist but unfortunately, you did not win, what next?

Depending on the publicity surrounding the award, and there usually is some, you can still use this to your advantage.  Display it as a footer on your email, tell everyone on social media, and use it in your introduction when out networking.  Okay, it will have a shelf life, perhaps in the year it was won, but it is still worthy.

The mere fact that you were nominated and were a finalist really does count for something.  People will see you as someone who is recognised in business, someone who knows their stuff and puts your business above someone who maybe hasn’t won an award.

The fact is there will be businesses out there who are better than you but they didn’t bother to apply for the award.

So come on, let’s celebrate our wins and tell everyone.  You earned it so shout about it. 

And on that note, I was a finalist in the Banbury Women in Business awards last month, and I am still telling people!  Go on do it.  You have more to gain than lose.

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