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Are we sharing too much on Social Media?

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If the content doesn’t appeal to you on social media channels then “scroll on by” is the mantra that I live by. But, sometimes when time allows, or I am feeling extra nosey, I read posts that normally I would just ignore. When I do, I am always amazed by just how much information people are sharing, or should I say oversharing, as if there is no longer any distinction between private and public domain.

Think before posting!

Gone are the days when social media was all about sharing fun things, pictures of you having a great time at a party, hilarious moments with pets or family, and of course changing your status from single to in a relationship. Now it feels that social media has become a place to share deeply personal and horribly painful events in our lives and whilst I appreciate that sometimes you get may get the “virtual” support that you need, at other times it can feel as if you are a reluctant participant in an online group therapy session. 

Less is more!

And of course, let us not forget that moment when a friend or colleague returns from their holiday or festive break and feels the need to share over 100 pictures of their amazing experience. I hope I’m not the only one who wishes they had just stuck to showcasing perhaps just one or two images and saved their showboating for a different audience?

Choice, control and be safe!

So as a social media expert, what would I recommend? To me, the answer lies in the word “social”. Make sure what you are posting is interesting and has appeal. This can be major achievements and successes, pets, family or friends doing funny things and of course special occasions like weddings, christenings, birthday parties etc. However whenever you feel the need to post, try to remember three other keywords – “choice”, “control” and “safe”.

You and you alone control what you post on social media and it’s your choice whether to disclose too much. Whatever you decide you should remember that your digital footprint says a lot about you – it’s extremely accessible and employers and/or clients are checking it and doing their due diligence on you. Finally – stay safe.  With levels of identity theft, cyberbullying and sharing photos and videos to pornography and sexual predators on the increase, the privacy settings on your accounts are there for a reason – so please use them!


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