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How social media can improve your Google rankings!

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In recent years, it has been difficult to determine whether social media channels help you to achieve better SEO results and therefore improve your Google search rankings. However, today there seems to be little doubt. Essentially having an active social media presence helps direct people to your site, which in turn enhances your Google rankings.

User-friendly content

It’s not clear how Google gauges social media when it comes to ranking websites. The search engine has always been very secretive about its algorithms. And whilst we know that not all social media content can be indexed, search engines, including Google, say that they are able to evaluate the user-friendliness of content. This is why if you post a blog article on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter and receive a lot of positive feedback, those articles will rank higher in your search results. Plus Google also lists social media reviews in its results.

Google is not the only search engine!

You also need to be aware that Google is not the only place people look for businesses; there are more than two billion searches on Facebook every day and YouTube is the second most searched search engine. So if you’re not on these channels as an active contributor, you might be missing out in lots of other ways.

So what can you do to enhance the opportunities people have to see, like and link to your content, so you can boost your rankings? Here are my top 5 tips:

  1. Build a responsive audience
  2. Encourage engagement including shares and retweets
  3. Actively use links to your website
  4. Promote brand name and relevant keywords
  5. Generate valuable, quality and interesting content

Be regular and consistent

Even if social media isn’t a direct Google ranking factor, it’s a great way to promote content and be found online. This is, ultimately, what SEO is all about. And whilst in some cases it may not directly lead traffic to your website, it does help to build brand awareness.

But don’t forget, just like other forms of marketing, you can’t do social media in a random manner. Having a social media strategy will help to ensure a regular and consistent approach across all channels, which means you will get better results.


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