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It’s not just a numbers game

Do you get excited every time you get a new follower or like? Are you monitoring the increase in likes on your FB page? It gets a bit addictive doesn’t it?

But, there’s always one of those isn’t there? Are you checking your notifications as this is what really counts? How much interaction are you getting? Are you talking to people and are they responding?

Without interaction and engagement what have you got? I’ll tell you, you have an advertising board and nothing more Continue reading

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Social Media and the Celebrant

This week our guest blogger is Judy Mansfield from Cherish Ceremonies.  You can like her here on Facebook.  Judy tells us how she has used social media to increase awareness for herself and her business.  social media

With regards to social media, I have found that people fall into two main camps.  The social media haters, and the social media enthusiasts! 

Of the former – nothing to be done.  They won’t be convinced and I don’t try. 

Of the enthusiasts, I have found 3 sub- groups, and I fall into group 2.

Group 1 – Embrace everything.  You name it, they are onto it.  Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogger, Periscope etc.  Usually G+ aficionados, and use it for work as well as socially.

Group 2 – Enjoy social media, and use it for work and socially, tend mainly to use the Big 3:  Facebook a lot, Twitter a fair bit and Linked In now and again, with a pinch of Pinterest when they remember ☺

Group 3 –  Only use Facebook socially and to play CandyCrush and Word games or to post photos of their dinner and their cat.

I have been on Facebook as a social user for some years now.  I’ve had a business account for my Cherish Ceremonies wedding and baby naming work for just over 2 years.  A little time later, I set up a separate page for the funeral side of the business not only because I realised that weddings and funerals don’t mix, but also because anything around death has to be written about with a different level of sensitivity and has a different audience. Continue reading

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It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it: that’s what gets………….

RESULTS! The thing that everybody wants, yes? Well I know I do. But the question is: how do we get them?

If I had a pound – actually let’s make that a fiver (inflation)- for every time someone asked me “How often should I be doing social media?” I would have enough money to go on a cruise! My answer?


You know what I mean: you see some new kid on the block and they start posting loads of stuff on their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. and you think, “Hey I like this. I’m going to keep an eye on this product/service.” This is great, but after a few weeks… silence and no more postings! Maybe they have gone on a cruise! Okay, we give them some grace, but the weeks roll by and there’s still nothing. By this time you are bored and have probably switched off.

It is important to maintain your presence, to post to Facebook a couple of times a day, and to chat to people on Twitter, (even if it’s just about the weather) so that people know you are still around.

“Ah yes!” they say, “That all sounds great, but I don’t have the time! Why do I want to sit around on Facebook all day or be Tweeting until the cows come home?”

But there is a way! Sit down at the beginning of the month and schedule all your important stuff, things you want to promote, services you want to offer, (no more than a couple of times a week, though).

Then every morning (or maybe coffee time), spend half an hour going through all your various platforms and engage with people, liking, commenting, sharing- you know the kind of thing.

Then here is the best bit: most people have a phone (if you don’t then why not?). Download the apps for all your platforms and you can flick in and out when you have a spare minute. Realistically, how long does it take to respond to a tweet? 30 seconds? If you can do it quicker please let me know!

So you see- by just doing these little things you can still keep yourself in the limelight, and stop yourself from disappearing into the shadows.

We all have little pockets of time throughout the day when we can squeeze something else in, so instead of checking your personal Facebook page, (which, let’s face it, is not promoting your business), look at your business page, and before you know it, your audience will be growing! The same applies to your other platforms: little and often is key.

So where are your down times in the day? Coffee break, lunch break, five minutes before you shut your business down? Five minutes is all it takes. So my question is this: are you sure you still don’t have time for social media?

Consistency is what gets results.

Consistency is what gets results.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

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Self employment – the thing you do when you find yourself out of work! Or is it. I recently found myself in that situation and decided why not! What is the worse that can happen. Mmm time will tell I guess.

So you’ve decided to take that step but where do you start. Well in my opinion take any free advice that is given, you don’t have to use it but you may gain some useful insights and things that may be useful. I had a chat with a guy yesterday and he said he would write me a business plan, all for free, what did that cost me, just my time.

Next step you need a name, something that says what your business does in a few words and trips off the tongue easily. My husband came up with my name whilst we were sat in a restaurant in Milan.
Branding is also important, do it right and do it once, an old saying I know but it will save you time, money and effort further along the line. Get some business cards, remember to put your social media links on them, the amount of people who are missing this trick is amazing.

Networking, another must do, how will people know what you are doing if you don’t get yourself out there. Have a clear idea of what it is you are offering. keep it concise, stand proud and most importantly smile. I have found smiling gets me a long long way. Also have a strap line, I had to think on my feet at my first networking meeting but what I said went down really well, and perhaps over thinking it may not have worked. If you want to know what my strap line is then you will have to catch me networking.

I think the key to any new business is to stick to what you know and what you are good at, do less things amazingly, rather than lots of things averagely. Find your niche, if at a later date you want to expand into something else in your chosen field then do it, but make sure you can walk before you run.

This is the third day of my first week and so far I have had three client meetings, been to networking on the first day and sent out a couple of quotes. Two of the meetings have already resulted in business for me. I am sure there will be trials, tribulations and mistakes along the way, but this is the way to learn. If it doesn’t work change it. After all you are your own boss now and can make any decision, good or bad, for yourself.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, have fun. After all this is why you have embarked into the world of self employment.Image

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