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Facebook – Stop broadcasting and start interacting!

Facebook has now changed its news feed algorithm after users said that they wanted to see more stories from friends and pages that they cared about and less promotional content. The company says it plans to give more prominence to status updates and photos shared by users’ friends and family members while playing down news articles or anything published by businesses, brands or media!

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said that the channel had a responsibility to make sure it’s services are fun and good for people’s well-being. This new change is all about helping users to “have meaningful interactions.” So what does that mean for your Facebook business page, if it will no longer be actively showing it to your followers and you can’t ask for shares, likes and comments anymore?

Valuable content wins!

As a social media manager what do I recommend? Instead of getting worried about it, get creative! Stop simply broadcasting what you think is fascinating, but may have limited resonance with anyone else, and start interacting with the conversation. Essentially this means that the time has come for you to create valuable content, which is useful, helpful and informative and then pay to promote it.

The change is a good thing. I’ve have been telling clients for years that they need to change what messages they are sending out, but still some businesses seem reluctant to take any notice. This new change will ensure that people do. Over the coming months, businesses will probably see a significant decrease in organic reach and usage. However, businesses whose posts prompt conversations between friends will definitely see less of an effect.

Below are my top tips for your continued business Facebook page success.

  1. Create good quality content, which is capable of starting conversations between users, questions work well here.
  2. Don’t be shy about encouraging customers to follow your Facebook page and remind loyal followers about the “see first” option in their news feed preferences.
  3. Increase your Facebook advertising budget, this will ensure your page gets seen by a wider audience.
  4. Make more Facebook Live videos, as this content will perform well under the new algorithm.
  5. Invest in Facebook Groups and engage with an exclusive group of people to build even better relationships over a shared interest.

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